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17 February 2017


I love you all, for your fears and bravery
For your relentless freedom, always knowing with no limits, holding a tight grip as you let go
Self-imposed wants and needs leading the way into the unknown, steering you deeper out and up as time becomes irrelevant
Now, control is your name as the whisper takes form and covers all in its way
Myth and stigma, marks of disgrace, all washed away into the hungry tide of yesterday

When was the last time you would let go?
Letting your linear and aerial perspective display a true understanding of your unique sense
Was there ever space for proportion and time?




               Be elsewhere, with your ways and views

                                           All of us, man and kin, a chance to see

                                                                              Is it hard for us to find a pure heart?
           Stepping into the realm to gather my thoughts

                                            Your inner attending spirit, inspiring force

                                                                              Has the mania taken control, left you numb?
              After all, in devastation there is opportunity

                                             Daemon, let the tide of hope rise and wash all away

                                                                               Or is all will to seek long gone, evaporated?

               Underground ghost, becoming nil as intended

                                                       Fearless new start is all, the end of all ends

                                                                               Will you be able to take “the” moment with ease?


24 January 2017


Things moved on too fast
Was removed without a farewell
Once there then not
Sleepless drifter without a cause

Images seen, images born anew
Always there, an itch in ones vision
light at night, screaming loud and clear
Gone in the morning hours

Words whispered then washed away
Letters not calling your name anymore
Rhythm and reason hidden behind the ache
Soundproof mist rolling in from the unknown

Removed, still the need remains
Chasing shadows down the wet sidewalk
Hoping to maybe one day
Escalating into nothingness


Dead alone / Time to go

Everybody dies alone
Even you, follower of trends
Living a lie, as the intro describes
Full of need and wants
Not seeing the fake self inflictions
Never admit to the weakness in being

Man seeking and chasing his own shadow
Looking down, spreading wisdom
Based on the closed world he lives in
Afraid of the dark, of the woods at night
You seek comfort in creating you own tales
Not having strength to break out fully, to be free

Got to break out, be me again
Trapped in a safe cage
Comfort and ease played it’s course
Time to go

Everyone dies alone at last, at least
You too, fame and richness proven useless
As parasites do not cling on to a dead host
She will find a way to survive without you
Provider of comfort on all levels
Lies steering you on the wrong path

You call yourself black, when grey is your name
Afraid of solitude, never knew the meaning
In others lie your fake status, in men knowing a sheep
Gutted and hollow is your reality compared
Living for gain, the goat lead and you follow
Good to be king in your own limited world

 I say ; Wolf of the Steppe
Alone and powerful
Always plunging into the abyss
Knowing ones destiny

Religious dogmas shaping your being
Tradition and rules still pressing
To be grey one needs faith in the Gods
Fear of the unknown haunting you
Ruled by nature, water and winds
He you adore can surely see what is missing

You say nothing


02 August 2016

Fathomless Depths


A shifting blue sky covers Berlin
Lying to the world, in it’s own brilliance
There is nothing we can do, now
You, the rebel, a loser, a cause without

I don’t want to hurt you, but I need to breath
Our key was lost some time ago
Being the talisman, obsessed with ones downfall
Be the phantom, searching photon thief

(What is the most special thing you ever done in your life?)

Maintaining a perverted fear of lost bearing
While you strike and lash out
Killing the only thing you got, right to kill
Silence falling as shadows, embracing the dark

The solemn autodidact stands alone on the beach, seeking indifference
Sky, wind and water meaning all
Rock, roots holding life, connecting elements
Ones vision, unreal truth on display

We will not take the easy road



15 February 2016

Mirrored Flame (present particle of Be)



It is not the candle that attracts me, it’s the flame it holds
Nor the warm light it shares but the life it so clearly display
This flame speaks to me, tells me who the man is, why he isn’t
A bleak comedy reflects back as you look deep, a black joke filled with lust and pain
I have sat many long nights staring into this flame, drifting knowledge of ones mind

It is not the woman that attracts me, it’s the urge she possess
Not the gentle touch but her true will to let me be, alive
This warmth has a stronger grip on me than the will to live
Sarcastic hollow games, threads of inner core pulled out in the open
Taken and stomped on to be mended mere moments after, unfailingly heated


A flame reaching the night sky with hungry seeking bright fingers as the cold night swallows all
One pure element into another, a perfect alliance, Mortis et vitae rota
Sleepless yet not fully wake now, drifting away and up
Words and clear sentences filling my thoughts
Perfectly beautiful lines of black letters, meaning and hope on a white flowing backdrop
As I open my eyes to the dark room the vision gets muted and vague, to finally falter and dies
Awakened, the underlying cause of lost ideas
Last night I lost her again, for good this time I believe
To mend her broken trust in me has now become a thing of the past
Forever staying within me, never to waver fully yet time will surely dim and dull our senses

Coda a.k.a The tail

He once told me you were like a broken mirror without the seven years of bad luck. If I had asked in detail what he meant he would have smiled, hesitated for a brief moment before seeking deep within my eyes for the reason of my curiosity. Not until he was fully satisfied that my intensions were of the right nature would he start describing in minute detail the room that you occupied. Your room was filled with the most vivid shapes of black and white, rights and wrongs. An organized mess that as long as time was given remained in your absolute control. Your room and the space around you were governed with precision and resolute willfulness, tornado-like passion and your deep rooted love for details. Your ability to love to hate to love. He would have told me if I had asked him about your ‘time’, that it was not any of your direct concerns, not time as the minions would know time anyways. Time was not measured in regards to the Sun nor our Earth and it’s moon cycles for you. You, my sweet soul Sister, my roaming free Brother, my own hollow reflection in the cracked mirror. Your room is in the open, winds from distant horizons sweeps in and whip your being senseless, ripping your hair, roars in mantras as the night sky opens up and let your mind take flight, always up and beyond. Out in the open your room is keeping you in control as you walk with passion and grace upon shattered pieces of broken mirror, shards sparkling like a star cluster beneath you. Drifting off now, a transparent shape fading out like a powerful echo.

As the man bid his adieu, said the formal words so often spoken at times like this and with a blank expression started walking away a space of emptiness hung shadow-less with a faint clandestine warmth where he had lingered minutes before. He walked with a slow but firm pace down the path that connected me to you to him and turned left over the crest, into another worlds vision. The closest star to Earth is the Sun.


09 February 2016

Black Wound of Time (Requiem of all said and done)

Darkness remains, hollowed mind
Cloaked deliverer, spellbound receiver
Slow healing wound feeding your pain
Alert and seeking, hurting oneself
Heading into the night, treading mud

Hold me under
Poison the dream
Open mind
Leaving all

Candle unlit, pressing blackness
Altar of poison, kneel then die
One last time, look deep into the shadows
Man is no more, failed messenger
All hope gone, as you fade away further

Into the clearing
Seeking eyes
Hate lingers
Wishful scorn

A distant mist, The Watchtower
Knowledge forgotten, doomed walker
Hounds of Gehenna, sacrificial offering
No explanation given, do or die
Swaying in the wind, masterless standing alone

Universe pressing
Grey nebula
Clusters of stars
Timeless black wound


01 February 2016

Undisturbed motions of the Sea

I killed myself today
To see what it was like
The curious mind of me,
took overhand suddenly

I left no shadow behind
No footprints where I stood
Just the feeling of today
Moving lightly in the breeze

I walked away from it today
As the feeling disappeared
Still drifting in the wind
Reaching out and touching you

I remembered yesterday
Walking deep within the woods
Sky above, earth beneath
It brought the best out of me


29 January 2016

Our Tangled Strings


The poet knows what he is writing, yet he might not know what he wrote.
Backing up time when it stood still, memories were vivid and real, slipped away into the shadows where they belong, words of a lost mind. 
A cause? A reason that slipped and got away? A lost translation?

Waltz number 19 ringing in my mind, ‘Apart’ a haunting cure as I turn the light off at night.
Tangled is our beautiful mess, we look at each other in the reflection of yesterdays actions.
Thin strings of unworldly colors, brittle threads holding all together, not breaking. 
I am leaving! Return not an option! Involuntarily unstuck!

This will be, missed. 
Will I ever be one again with you? Slowly undoing the yarn as distance and time seeps and dilutes what we had.
Knowing her steps in the city, curious mind seeking solution to unimaginable thoughts, the companion of her mind showing the way.
Racing towards an end, the start never presented itself in it’s own full glory.
I am my own enemy, realistic actions of a desperate dreamer walking a deep deathlike solitude, macho bravado echoes in flight or fall.
Without it nothing would be worth anything, at all.

                                                                                                 So I kissed her right then right there

Teasing out the tangles.
Every knots are like "the present" bound by the yesterdays.
Those inconsistent details are so much like strict and honest daily
reports...of the moments, transition of the emotions..” - She wrote…

  Y.I twentyninthofjanuary


Your Shortest Straw


By now you ought to have learned to navigate your tragedy, the imprisonment of your dreams
Letters written for the shadows, symbols spilled out on the table top
Looking deeper into his own black hole he found foe turned friend, spiral of delirium that will dutifully tear all apart
Leaper of will, seeker of the shortest straw dancing to a mad rhythm, swaying and spinning out of his orbit
Freedom to free fall into the abyss as his own destiny builds up around, going faster and faster
Standing silent in the night, blackened sky displayer of majestic eternity
Millions of years of knowledge, looking back into the realm once held tight, the right questions being asked and answered at random
Alone in the deep woods at night, look around you seeing life as it is, in the dark safety
Stone and boulders forever strong, tree and earth seeking a hold as the rush of rivers keeps pressing forever downwards
Frayed sanity, loosing control of the grip once held to steer clear of hidden opponents
The Adversary flexing, rival in all that ever was held high and into the light, now rotting in matters below your feet


Blackened Virgin

Endless straight, wasting light
Into the cracks time seeps, hollowed
Hearing a future noise being released
One of these days, hanging tight
Branches swaying in the night
Life holds it’s breath, converting
Bright flames reaching the sky
Heat meets the Northern breeze
Pyre of my love burning high

          Be the scam you are, deception
     The truth written in your eyes
              Owns hoax, bending the truth

Keep on walking, you nameless man
Sore feet meeting gravel and roots
Nothing under the gazing nebula
Duty takes one step, further away
Directs attention, distracts knowledge
Once the mantra has been spilled
There is not but one curved left path
Open your mind, like me setting free
Into the deep cavity I glide soundlessly

         Stranded now, waves pounding
              Released of all needs and want
        Out of reach, marooned eclipse

Dressed in black screaming against the wind
Echoes drifting over blue void, stand tall
Waiting for an answer, finding solitude
Ripped fabric sophisticated masquerading ape
Now, rush the tide and leave it all behind
Run for your life till embraced by the pull
Slowly you decompose into nothing
Back to the waves and roots of your dreams
Time stops, all is moving under one sky

 (Poem written for “Endless Straight” novella)


01 January 2016

Fools Gold

The portal isn’t a gate to the outside, not a door that can be walked through
The portal is not open for you when the light shines upon your face
Shun the knowledge and seek safety from an old enemy, he will know
Deep shades of meaning between two polar opposite, path of least resistance
Find your remedy and take heed, it’s all within you, always been with you

To be continued…to the end