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22 November 2017

Black Naza a.k.a Diamonds Of Life


There it is, the Ocean of my dreams

There it is, spreading out like a misty living desert, calling my name

I can feel it's pull, closer and into it’s endless void

‘Smell me’ she whispers, leading me into her dimension

‘Feel me’, she’s letting my mind drown a thousand times over

 - - - -

I see myself walking on an endless bright beach, fine sand moves with the breeze, land slightly leaning down into the incoming waves. A backdrop of sand and mist, the sound of a strong wind, pulling and stroking my hair and clothes, wild fingers slapping and touching me as I walk without making any progress. Land meets sea. Behind me stoic trees bent away from the gale like old men, waiting for a peace that never will come, the shape of unheard tranquility. I see myself preparing to say goodbye, a humble adieu to the past and accept the welcome to where I will belong. Preparing my mind as the violent waves are rolling in and spreading life into all senses. Standing alone on this beach, looking out over the open landscape of discovery and hope, of death and tragedy, of the new, spawn from the old worlds that once were. Connecting my being to the endless free I slowly strip, leaving the few belongings I possess drifting away in the wind to become the burden of whom ever happens to stumble upon it. Means nothing to me now. It all started with nothing and it will end with nothing, nothing is all. What is not taken by the wind is being buried by a fast shifting fine sand. As deep breaths are slowly taking effect and the numbing chill on my bare body is subduing, my inner flame is burning bright, with a hot intensity. Mind is racing, ideas and memories speed by with an increasing speed as a dull trance is starting to take him, helping me, covering him like a blanket of the finest hope. I can see a smile on this mans face, being happy, joyful and grateful for a long and interesting life as a man, free of sickness and misery. Accepting the memories of a life filled with love and beauty, excitement and adventure. Well fed and all mans basic needs taken care of, cared for. Shelters found when needed, risks taken when wanted. A life filled with music and literature, warm beds and clean clothes. Joy is flowing in, filling the man up as the sun prepares to fade, letting the dark take over, to cover all traces. Dusk, the beginning of yet another cycle, to be repeated over and over again. As drifting sand and wind sweeps over his naked body, steps turns into strokes, moving out instead of forward. Out into the open, the calm beyond the thunderous break is more deafening.

New dawn with new fresh winds, a newborn old sun warming the beach and drying the sand where he once stood, all traces gone except for rags blowing free in a western wind. Once there, forever gone, always present.

- - - -

Let it go man, don’t fight the urge to be anymore, become all

Pulling with an intensity, down, afloat on filled lungs for a moment more

Look, beauty all above you, a surface filled with rays of green and blue, diamonds of life

‘Taste me’ she sings as you sink deeper, beyond the point

‘Be me’ she covers you with her promise, caress you till you are everything again



Lonely as only two can be, endless night, we fall in and out of faded dreams, sound of silence 

Felt her bodily warmth, masturbating next to me, like a dream, her moans low and held back.


16 September 2017

Wind Catcher


Time takes too much time / Too much of my time, not making sense / Embrace your minutes, fear your days, not The Hour / Run and you’re still not moving / Moving without traveling / Free floating and free, without a cause / Without a need to own / You planted an idea, a long time ago / Deed of transporting oneself on all levels / Vertically then Horizontal, on the axis of will / Leaving now / To where the shore holds your name / To where the seventh strikes without care / Here, on the edge will I sit, finding myself / Falling, in love again / Together with me, myself and I, with you / Moving in and out of time / Finding focus once more / 


No Title

The Swine in me, loving and living

Pig of dissolution just sitting there as the leaves are leaving their branches

Autumn is here soon, giving off a faint smell of hope

Drunk now, this slaughterhouse is in neglect

True man of his word, who do we need now as it’s not the same ocean anymore

It’s a different world, contaminated and pest ridden, waves still pounding the shore

Need to find out, before tiredness is taking over, who is the me that seeks, you

In need of apology for being, why the questions is not to be found when the answer is

Seeking fortune but in a different light, a different shape

The time has come, for sacrifice

So drunk now


13 September 2017



He acted according to his nature. Tuned in, fell back and acted.

Love life, seeking death. Goes for the both of us

Bought a rope today. Symbol of a journey to come.

(He who knew but didn’t act in time a.k.a If June awakens)

How did we fall apart like this? Like two giants made of granite

Don't dwell on it, move on. You over there, me here

Wanting more, hypocondria hindering your moves bro

Scared and not ready to be handled the way we handle things, in my world

Do not hold back because you come from nothing

I kill you as easily, as you kill me, having no problem with that

Be the fag, be the dog. Fear fear, stand up to it, let it destroy you

I like my Backpack, my pair of shoes, my pass that enables me to move away and out.

Away is where the greatest ambitions lays in waiting, so stay foolish.

Meager standards, as a Ocean that never stormed, that never rocked, it’s not who we are

Discover the secrets of secrets

I am constantly blinking my eye towards truth, failed to be the only reality

He who once was but is no more


30 August 2017


The reality of truth,
to go inside your mind,
to be nothing and all.
Earth rover, the vessel of consciousness.
Nothing is a must,
nothingness the foundation of a deeper more profound core understanding,
leading the way up above and down under,
out and beyond.
As Life is death is life,
as rotting matter giving life to a seeking seed.
transmuting base metals into the most pure,
letting you,
as a tree grow,
into one.
Becoming the woods,
one mass under the stars,
the one rooted in all.

All is one, nothing is all is one

Salt of the earth,
Peacock tail demon spirit flowing free without worries.
Solitude sits well with you,
a meager meal for a hungrier mind,
filling you up as the years goes by.
Feeding on visions and experiences,
past and present.
One by one the transition moves forward towards everywhen.
Small cracks in humble materials showing a reality forgotten by generations.
Look at me now,
standing alone on the beach,
in the forest,
on a mountain top.
Dissolved and coagulating into one material,
without an ego,
Look at me now.

The negativity of your ego has no place near me and my sacred space, I will hurt you as a vessel of meat and bone, I will love you as the spirit that you are.


17 June 2017

(From the Savage’s Journal)


                                                                                                                            23 Dec 1972

Woke up with a dull sensation of disconnection. What is the most scared I’ve ever been? Obviously a reminder that what was to come had already arrived. Had no appetite so went for a walk, life as we have been taught through the eager generations was displaying its grandeurs to the max. No man completely attached, not to himself as the man he ought to be, nor to his fellow man walking the same direction but not on the same path. All roads lead to Rome and when in Rome do as the Romans. Live, stay alive and die. Bought a rope today. A fine line of engineering and skill assembled in this stronger than life length of rope, a coil of the finest, plenty of possibilities. Smooth and flexible yet with steel-like qualities.

Why should you hold back because you come from nothing? //FS


There’s going to be a struggle

A brief encounter with true fear

Before the light fades to black

Life as you once knew it now irrelevant

Wants and needs a distant foe

Wait for the embrace

Stopped making sense, then grew older

The fire burns stronger in my gut

Hate you as fierce as I always have

Walking down the wet sidewalk looking good

Up and down the streets with no aim

Fighting fire with fire with fire

That with the rhythm of the Sea, is where I belong

Gently drifting on the open

Blue below and blue above


An old friend wanted to show me the way once, his way. Mindless racing, away from sanity and reasoning took overhand. His way forward and out had been through years of self-inflicted abuse, misreading of ones own needs and ability. In touch with his inner dreams and visions, his help to simulate my death for me was “orthodox” he wrote me some time after we had parted. I saw his demon that night, trust and love left the room while we were fighting different battles within ourselves. Seeing and hearing for the first time someone’s background reaching out, naked and open, scared me. Taking refuge in the submissive Omega wolf while letting his distant Alpha predator get a voice. Furious yet fragile eyes looking through and beyond me and not reaching its point of focus, breath stripped on natural breathing, hissing angst turning sour. Madness in the shape of a friend. Truly sad to see a friend turning away from you, turning with no warning as the liquid took over. I remembering the feeling of sadness, that this one of a handful of trusted friends could not read me, nor understand the core of my innermost beliefs. That I was the misinterpreted. Observing, prepared to strike, to search fast and destroy with a vengeance. Step over the line and you will be closer to the void or anything you believe you can handle, with me there is no holding back when the string of perseverance has been cut.

“Chaos Reigns”, said the Fox. Deep within, where the dark arrives early. Roots and stone, We face the night, chasing phantoms. Walk alone, down the path of most resistance, reaching a point, the point, is of no value, the void is full of findings for the man who looks and want to find. Loud figments of imagination, always walking by your side, keeping you active and alert. 

Life is not a must, we are free to leave whenever we want. With this freedom within reach, love and trust comes easily. The only substance I need is to be me, breathing air, nothing else matters either before, during and after that. Feed yourself with what your body and mind is telling you, stay off the shortcuts and methods of the minions. Staying turned on clean and clear as the value of once existence is and should not be part of life, since life is and will always be priceless yet without value. Find and be your own Prima Materis, your own Magnum Opus, your own Philosopher Stone. My friend wanted to help me by showing me my way. It ended is chaos. Two individuals meet, show and share love and wisdom, receive and hand out experiences. Same two individuals part, goes on different paths in the same direction. Remember to forget and forgive as you respect and seek love in the moment of both//FS


17 February 2017


I love you all, for your fears and bravery
For your relentless freedom, always knowing with no limits, holding a tight grip as you let go
Self-imposed wants and needs leading the way into the unknown, steering you deeper out and up as time becomes irrelevant
Now, control is your name as the whisper takes form and covers all in its way
Myth and stigma, marks of disgrace, all washed away into the hungry tide of yesterday

When was the last time you would let go?
Letting your linear and aerial perspective display a true understanding of your unique sense
Was there ever space for proportion and time?




               Be elsewhere, with your ways and views

                                           All of us, man and kin, a chance to see

                                                                              Is it hard for us to find a pure heart?
           Stepping into the realm to gather my thoughts

                                            Your inner attending spirit, inspiring force

                                                                              Has the mania taken control, left you numb?
              After all, in devastation there is opportunity

                                             Daemon, let the tide of hope rise and wash all away

                                                                               Or is all will to seek long gone, evaporated?

               Underground ghost, becoming nil as intended

                                                       Fearless new start is all, the end of all ends

                                                                               Will you be able to take “the” moment with ease?


24 January 2017


Things moved on too fast
Was removed without a farewell
Once there then not
Sleepless drifter without a cause

Images seen, images born anew
Always there, an itch in ones vision
light at night, screaming loud and clear
Gone in the morning hours

Words whispered then washed away
Letters not calling your name anymore
Rhythm and reason hidden behind the ache
Soundproof mist rolling in from the unknown

Removed, still the need remains
Chasing shadows down the wet sidewalk
Hoping to maybe one day
Escalating into nothingness


Dead alone / Time to go

Everybody dies alone
Even you, follower of trends
Living a lie, as the intro describes
Full of need and wants
Not seeing the fake self inflictions
Never admit to the weakness in being

Man seeking and chasing his own shadow
Looking down, spreading wisdom
Based on the closed world he lives in
Afraid of the dark, of the woods at night
You seek comfort in creating you own tales
Not having strength to break out fully, to be free

Got to break out, be me again
Trapped in a safe cage
Comfort and ease played it’s course
Time to go

Everyone dies alone at last, at least
You too, fame and richness proven useless
As parasites do not cling on to a dead host
She will find a way to survive without you
Provider of comfort on all levels
Lies steering you on the wrong path

You call yourself black, when grey is your name
Afraid of solitude, never knew the meaning
In others lie your fake status, in men knowing a sheep
Gutted and hollow is your reality compared
Living for gain, the goat lead and you follow
Good to be king in your own limited world

 I say ; Wolf of the Steppe
Alone and powerful
Always plunging into the abyss
Knowing ones destiny

Religious dogmas shaping your being
Tradition and rules still pressing
To be grey one needs faith in the Gods
Fear of the unknown haunting you
Ruled by nature, water and winds
He you adore can surely see what is missing

You say nothing


02 August 2016

Fathomless Depths


A shifting blue sky covers Berlin
Lying to the world, in it’s own brilliance
There is nothing we can do, now
You, the rebel, a loser, a cause without

I don’t want to hurt you, but I need to breath
Our key was lost some time ago
Being the talisman, obsessed with ones downfall
Be the phantom, searching photon thief

(What is the most special thing you ever done in your life?)

Maintaining a perverted fear of lost bearing
While you strike and lash out
Killing the only thing you got, right to kill
Silence falling as shadows, embracing the dark

The solemn autodidact stands alone on the beach, seeking indifference
Sky, wind and water meaning all
Rock, roots holding life, connecting elements
Ones vision, unreal truth on display

We will not take the easy road